12 ₪
Served with mixed olives, garlic confit, and balsamic vinegar
Jerusalem Bagel
12 ₪
Served with Har Bracha tahini and shredded tomatoes

Cold Appetizers

Green Summer Salad
62 ₪
Lettuce hearts, mixed leaves, endives, yuzu-citrus vinaigrette, and blanched almonds
Tomato Salad
58 ₪
Multicolored tomatoes, tomato gazpacho, pine nuts, basil chips, and balsamic vinegar
Red Tuna Sashimi
72 ₪
Served with charred baby eggplant, hot pepper and pickled lemon vinaigrette, black tahini, and tomato seeds
Grouper & Cucumber Tartare
65 ₪
Served with cucumber and mint gazpacho, wasabi peas, labneh, and powdered Thassos olives
Classic Beef Carpaccio
65 ₪
Served with balsamic vinegar, mustard aioli, garlic confit, and olive oil
"East Meets West" Chicken Salad
68 ₪
Served with basil, mint, Campari, savory meringue flakes, yuzu cheese, and pickled watermelon
Chestnut & Foie Gras Pate
88 ₪
Served with pears glazed in red wine, brioche, and hazelnuts

Hot Appetizers

Fish Pastry Cigar
65 ₪
Served with grated tomatoes, vegan amba labneh, and fresh leaves
Asparagus & Corn
67 ₪
Served with crispy polenta fingers, roasted shimeji and king oyster mushrooms, and egg yolk confit
Mushroom & Chestnut Risotto
110 ₪
Served with porcini mushroom puree, zucchini flowers in tempura, and Portobello mushroom chips
Taboon-Roasted Cauliflower
68 ₪
Served with leeks glazed in coriander seed oil, root vegetable and white wine puree, and shipka pepper vinaigrette
85 ₪
Served with pumpkin ravioli, chicken broth, onion puree, and winter artichokes
Foie Gras Knafeh
110 ₪
Chestnut and lotus puree, popcorn ice cream, and a dark chocolate Bordelaise sauce

Main Courses

• Yellow Tomato & White Wine Gnocchi
68/85 ₪
Served with artichoke, blistered tomatoes, pine nuts, and basil chips
Marinated Salmon
115 ₪
Served with pureed white sweet potato, salt-baked beets, shimeji mushrooms in a teriyaki glaze, and zucchini flowers in tempura
• Mediterranean-Style Grouper Curry
145 ₪
Served with Syrian olives, a sheet of fresh pasta, chickpeas, zucchini, and cilantro
Chicken Breast & Chestnuts
105 ₪
Served with taboon-roasted pumpkin and brown chicken broth
300g Entrecote
165 ₪
Served with French fries, in an herb gremolata and pepper sauce
Beef Fillet
175 ₪
Served with mashed potatoes and truffles, bone marrow, and glazed pearl onions in a bordelaise sauce
Lamb Chops
200 ₪
Served in sofrito with ratte and vitelotte potatoes, brown chicken broth, and ras el hanout spices

Chef's Special

Aged Prime Entrecote Rib on the Bone (600-1200g)
50 NIS per 100g ₪
Served with green salad, French fries, mashed potato and truffles, and bordelaise sauce